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Elsen and Son  offers you high quality carpets, which you can use for your entire life. To preserve your carpet in an optimal condition, make sure you  care for it in the best possible manner.


Caring for your hand-knotted carpet

Your carpet shall last longer and shall remain in the condition it was in on the day you received it, if you follow the basic care rules.


Clean using a vacuum cleaner

The most important step in the care process is sufficient vacuum cleaning to eliminate soil and dust particles before they become encrusted in the hair fibres of the carpet. From the first day onwards, clean using a vacuum cleaner:

Important: the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner must be adjusted in such a manner that the brushes barely touch the surface of the carpet. The best method of doing so is to place a sheet of paper under the brush and adjust it till you can hear the beater bar hit the paper.

Avoid doing the following:


General cleaning

However, whenever the carpet appears dirty, we strongly recommend calling a professional who will use a suitable dry foam, a dry extraction system, or even spray extraction methods.

Remove small stains

Using an aerosol or shampoo foam

For small stains, or for cleaning small surfaces, an aerosol or shampoo foam may be used:


Alternative technique

Steps to be followed to remove stains:

If you have questions regarding care, we recommend calling a carpet-cleaning expert.